About display

The display regarding safely

Breakdown “of thing and “the vehicle which have the possibility the operator and the other person receiving the injury” and
Being a possibility of being connected to damage” and, the evasion manner in the below-mentioned display description
It is 載. Because these it is important, reading, please be sure to observe.

3002.jpg 3003.jpg

Unless statement item is protected, in the serious injury and accident vehicle fire
When the [bu], it is worst, there is a possibility of being connected to the death.

Unless statement item is protected, it is connected to the breakdown and damage of the injury and the vehicle
There is a possibility.

You do not have to do, the mark is stated in the illustration which shows the behavior,
The [te] it is.

Switch display

3004.jpg 3005.jpg 3006.jpg 3007.jpg

Switch name of HDD navigation system itself (outside picture)
It is indicatory.


And so on

Name of the switch (touch switch) of the picture is displayed.


And so on

Name of rear cockpit 9 model wide display and remote control switch table
It has shown.


And so on

Other displays

3011.jpg 3012.jpg 3013.jpg

“When you know, convenient thing, “knowing, want,”
It has stated.

The page which you access is displayed.

Displaying the entry where equipment differs depending upon the grade and option etc
It is.